A human digital twin at Woodside

A digital human twin is a virtual representation of an individual, based on data collected from their career experiences, training and development, and performance outcomes. By using simulation, machine learning, and advanced analytics, the digital twin can provide insights and recommendations for career growth, talent retention, and organisational support.



The project aims to:

  • Predict career trajectories, performance, retention, and other outcomes for each employee.
  • Inform intervention decisions for career acceleration and talent retention, such as the timing and type of training or coaching needed.
  • Customise organisational support based on individual needs for wellbeing, career progress and performance.

The outcome will help Woodside optimise its human capital investment, enhance its talent pipeline, and foster a culture of innovation and agility.

This exemplifies how the Business Insights Institute helps embrace disruptive changes in the energy sector and respond with courage and creativity. By creating a digital human twin for its leaders, we are not only advancing Woodside’s transformation, but also contributing to the advancement of leadership science and practice.