Health experts know that too much salt is bad for health. Yet, attempts to reduce Australian’s salt intake have failed.

There is hope, researchers from the George Institute of Global Health have developed a different approach – instead of reducing salt they suggest changing the type of salt we eat. Their studies have shown that Potassium-enriched salt provides the same taste experience when compared with normal salt yet, crucially, is better for cardiovascular health and longevity. For consumers, potassium enriched salt means we can continue to add the salt that we love, while living longer and healthier.

However, transitioning Australia’s salt intake poses some challenges: Can supply chains switch? Are consumers willing to change behaviors? The UNSW Business Insights Institute are addressing these critical questions. Our UNOVA lab has embarked on a project to engage with salt supply chain and analyse what is possible. Also, our marketing experts are working on developing an understanding consumer perception of the salt they consume and developing ‘behavioral nudges’ to shift perceptions.

Watch this space for updates, maybe watch the salt in your cupboard as well 😉