Paving the way for leadership development


We at the UNSW Business Insights Institute and the School of Management & Governance are thrilled to collaborate with the Australian and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) and the Queensland Public Service (QPS) in our mission to shape a robust system-wide supply of leaders for the future. Leveraging our expertise in leadership science, both locally and internationally, we are dedicated to transforming the sector’s leadership capabilities.

Our Approach: In this initiative, we focus on practicality and relevance. We meticulously review global leadership evidence and combine it with insights from QPS's existing foundations and similar jurisdictions. This comprehensive synthesis forms the basis of a meaningful dialogue during our solution review, allowing us to seamlessly incorporate cutting-edge technologies tailored specifically for QPS.

Research Focus: Our research delves into crucial areas:

  1. Identifying key leadership transition points and developing relevant competencies, including early career milestones.
  2. Building leadership capabilities efficiently in a large, diverse, and decentralized public sector setting.
  3. Understanding generational shifts in leadership norms, diversity, inclusion policies, and emerging leaders' skills.
  4. Exploring technology's role, including simulation and virtual reality, in sustainable leadership development.

Outcomes: This project will assist QPS in fostering a modern, responsive, and empowered public service.